Drifters LDN

Drifters LDN is a contemporary London based menswear brand. The brand are back for another season with their  AW18 Collection aptly named “Inside Out and Upside Down,” which comes from the designer’s fascination with the idea of things being the wrong way around, a concept that came from putting a placket on a sleeve and observing how it looked inside out. The collection was constructed around this approach, with an emphasis on a purposeful “inside out” aesthetic. Our culture these days almost thrives and encourages people to do the wrong thing, something that has become part of being a millennial. The exploration of features that are still attractive after being turned the wrong way around was the main focus for this collection, this can be seen through the use of large raw open seams, back to front plackets, raw edges and back to front design features.

Drifters LDN are a London based brand that launched in 2015 becoming fast known as luxury streetwear brand with a Nigerian influence, drawing on the designer heritage seen through the use of bold prints. The brand has received great coverage across the likes of publications such as Client Magazine, Schon! The Gay Times, Carbon Copy, Hunger TV, Metal Magazine, Vision China and VICE Magazine to name a few. They have also gained immense recent popularity with celebrities; especially London based artists keen to wear a brand representative of their city with everyone from Mr Eazi to J Hus sporting the brand in recent months. Other celebrity fans of the brand include Julie Adenuga, Ethan Richards, Hare Squead, Mic Lowry, and Aston Merrygold.