Hissa Haddad is a bespoke Qatari brand of artisanal Italian made shoes. Inspired by historical Islamic architecture and Qatari culture, the brand creates timeless, elegant pieces without compromising on comfort. Hissa is a 29-year-old engineer turned shoe designer whose pieces are a product of over a year of hard work and partnership with Italian Chamber in Qatar. Hissa is the first female entrepreneur to partner with Italian chamber and has been praised on her designs by both the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Ambassador in Qatar

Capsule Collection II follows her Capsule Collection that was successfully debuted at Paris Fashion Week 2017. The brands Capsule Collection II encapsulates Qatari heritage and the pearl trade, these influences are reflected in the beauty in each and every handcrafted piece. Tradition is at the heart of the collection adding timeless value without compromising on elegance, sophistication and comfort. Jewels are hand stitched displaying the craftsmanship detail behind every piece. The brand are available at Saks Fifth Avenue Middle East.