Mashu is a sustainable vegan luxury accessories label. A/W 18 embodies its signature aesthetics of clean and minimal silhouettes combined with fun embroidered geometric textures to create a nuanced aesthetic balance. The signature handles inspired by ancient greek Columns turn each bag into a unique and distinctive piece. The earthly and metallic tones are fused with colourful embroidered colours of purple and blue to bring a new symbiosis and essence of colour that brightens up the autumn / winter wardrobe. Creating an accessory that elevates and gives allure to an existing look

This season the bags are influenced by Art deco objects, antique radios and Ancient Greek architecture and patterns. Merged together to create a unique art piece to be adorned by the wearer and can be carried through day to night. Key Art deco artists that inspire this collection are Jean Gouldens colourful enamel objects and Fred Stoodder’s sculptured ceramic art. 

Fabrics used are always ethically and sustainably sourced. Linings are made from recycled polyester and recycled plastic bottles. Recycling polyester reduces CO2 emissions and energy by 80%.