The Duchess an award winning Virgin Gin&Tonic, a twist on the Quintessentially English Classic! This non-alcoholic, low sugar adult drink is produced in South Africa since September 2016, and is created for the conscious consumer. The Duchess is crafted with aromatic botanical extracts, naturally sweetened with stevia and low sugar to create an elegant alternative to alcohol. And, it tastes exactly like the real deal. As founder Johannes Le Roux explains, “ The Duchess gives you the option to enjoy an adult beverage, without the negative effects of alcohol or excess sugar.”

When creating The Duchess, the team did not want to compromise on taste, and with great attention to detail, botanists crafted The Duchess with re-distilled juniper berries and their very own botanically infused tonic water. It has those wonderful gin and tonic notes, accompanied by fragrant layers of orange peel, allspice, star anise, cloves, and cardamom.

The Duchess has to date sold over one million units and is firmly established in the international non-alcoholic drinks market with various retailers. They are now focusing their attention on the UK market, offering an elegant, anytime alternative to the traditional English G&T cocktail.